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address: tongfuyu industrial zone,shajing town,baoan distric,shenzhen,china.e-mail: [email protected] :0086 755 61517028contact: mr.xu (18688835750)

in-line radial inserting machine hs-520c

hs-520c series is a new generation radial insertion machine researched and developed independently by hexi, now is being widely used.

,make it easy for user to learn, realizing the conversation between the machine and operator, improving product’s quality and therefore efficiency. the machine is widely used for led lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and light decoration industry.

with unique servo control system, it can complete high-steady inserting performance, is a high-speed and high-accuracy machine.

with flexible performance, user can select the fittest collocation according to practical production need and optimize the productivity by using the sequent module group of extended components.

it is a permanently reliable and steady machine, with few defects and high-performance inserting head.

the durable cutters are made of solid material.

in-line pcb conveying, make the production more intelligent and convenient, saving labour cost.

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